Friday, March 6, 2009

The .17 Remington

The 17 Remington is not a new cartridge but lately i have seen it in a new light. Small calibers with lots of power have always interested me and the 17 rem is one one of the most distinguished in that category. This amazing cartridge was created in 1971. It is simply but ingeniously created on a .223 rem cartridge necked down to a .172 diameter. This creates a velocity that exceeds 4,000 fps. There are only a few cartridges that reach or exceed this speed. To learn more you should visit one of these links.
I have personally read each of these articles and have found them to accurately display the reasons why the .17 Remington is such a great little cartridge.
-On a side note the only manufacturer that I have found to manufacture a rifle in .17 Remington is the Thompson Center Encore. This is a break barrel style rifle that has a reputation for excellent accuracy but a turn bolt rifle is often thought to be "king of the mountain" when it comes to accuracy.
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